Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Considering Prednisone and losing weight when you stop taking it

Taking this drug and focusing on getting the desired treatment outcome is something that many people prefer. So, for example, you may have asthma. Although this is never going to go away completely, it can be brought under control. Once this happens, you then look at your body and discover you have not only put on weight, you have put it on in the wrong places. Worse, the additional pounds do not go away automatically. You have to work to get them off. Here's a quick guide to losing weight.
  1. Eat smaller portions. Prednisone will make you feel hungry and so, when you are taking it, you will eat more, which is something you will have to recognize when taking it. If you took the drug for a relatively long period of time, you will have changed your eating habits to consume more. This will have included both snacking between meals and eating more at meal times. To get back to where you were, you have to cut out the snacks and eat smaller portions as the main meals. This will not be easy because you have to unlearn the habits you gained.
  2. Drink more water. While you take Prednisone, one of the more common problems is fluid retention. When you stop, you can increase the amount you drink. This fills up your stomach and cuts down hunger pangs. Indeed, you should drink a glass of water before eating one of your main meals. This will make a smaller portion feel more satisfying. Note the reference to water. Just because you can drink more is not an excuse to start drinking sweetened sodas or other high-calorie drinks.
  3. Begin exercising. This should be an every day activity that significantly raises the heart rate and makes you breathe more quickly. This will burn calories. But if your doctor advises against even moderate exercise, you must discuss alternate strategies with a physical therapist. Aerobic exercise is the best but lower levels of exertion over longer periods of time may be equally beneficial. Take detailed advice and find your own level of activity.

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