Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Propecia: Hair loss and the paycheck!

We live in a society that judges you on your appearance. Daniel Hammermesh, noted economist, wrote a book on how our appearance affects how much money we make over our lifetime. Good looks command a premium price, no matter what job you are doing. Today's economy is one of the most competitive ever. To get the job and the best salary you have to present the best image.

Male Pattern Baldness, (MPB) is a sensitive issue to someone experiencing it. At the onset of MPB, many young men decide to ignore the signs. Eventually, they begin to groom differently trying to hide it with hats or comb overs. Sometimes they even change how they behave, like staying in instead of going out, for fear the wind will reveal the truth. It can be stressful. Beyond the loss of self-esteem, they may even experience a loss in pay. Loss of hair symbolizes a loss of virility, loss of strength and drive--and can drive bosses and managers to consider the other guy for the task; the one who looks healthy and strong.

You don't have to look in the mirror and feel like you are losing your world. There are treatments available that can slow and even help reverse thinning hair and balding hairlines. You can go to work and feel confident that your hard work will be looked at not the shiny spot on your head. Propecia is a once daily treatment that works to stop the cause of MPB. Propecia inhibits the rogue testosterone (dihydrotestosterone or DHT) that affects the hair follicle thinning the root until it eventually kills the hair.

If you think your hair is starting to thin, don't wait until your paycheck does the same. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your treatment options and see if Propecia is right for you. Many men find starting a DHT inhibitor like propecia brings back that competitive edge putting them back in the thick of things.

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