Thursday, May 17, 2012

Treating Asthma Effectively

The glucocorticoid prodrug Prednisone is a drug used for the treatment of a number of ailments including rheumatic disorders, ulcerative colitis, and asthma among others. The structural identifications of prednisone and the isolation of the prodrug was done by Arthur Nobile in 1950. It was commercialized 5 years later.

Although the steroid drug is used for a number of medical conditions as mentioned above, it is a very popular treatment for those who suffer from asthma because it helps in calming down airway inflammation in asthmatic people. The drug, although deemed by many medical practitioners as a medication with a lot of adverse effects, during a severe asthma attack, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks. Other steroid medications have the same adverse effects which includes migraines, hyperactivity, and nervousness that is why whenever a doctor prescribes steroids, following the dosage is of importance.

The steroid medication in oral form is called a systemic steroid by professionals from the medical field. A systemic steroid is a very effective drug because once it is taken orally, it will go straight to the bloodstream. Other steroids such as the inhaled ones used for asthma inhalers go right into the lungs.

The wonderful thing about systemic steroids is that people who use them get to manage their asthma better and they treat asthma attacks very quickly too. Those who suffer from severe asthma usually take systemic steroids with other forms of medications to ensure that they do not get sudden asthma attacks or attacks that are difficult to control.

A short burst of this prodrug is the way to go, according to doctors. It is very rare for doctors to advise a person with asthma to take the medication on a regular or long term basis. Usually, the systemic steroid is used for two weeks not a day longer but why is this so? Long term use of the drug can cause some serious side effects.

If you are taking this drug, it is best to take supplemental calcium to avoid the thinning of your bones. This is a long-term side effect but it is easily avoided.

There are people who suffer from asthma who may require the use of prednisone more frequently than others. However, physicians say that avoiding Prednisone intake is advisable - the patient should get another check up instead to see if there are unsuspected allergens.

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