Monday, May 7, 2012

Various acne solutions

Any person who has ever had problems with acne has definitely tried to use the widely advertised solutions for getting rid of those pimples. Some of them have probably tried domestic remedies too. And only a part of those who struggle with acne breakouts actually go to a doctor in order to receive an adequate treatment for the condition. Still, it really depends on the effectiveness of every measure taken to stop acne for an individual since for some people simple gels will work perfectly while others will only see results after using drugs like Accutane. So let's take a look at some of the most popular measures for treating acne and analyze their potential effectiveness.

Home remedies

Home remedies for acne start with general hygiene tips such as washing your hands and face regularly to the use of toothpaste and garlic as topical remedies for pimples. While some of these remedies can deliver a certain degree of relief relying solely on them won't get you any far. In fact over using them, especially when it comes to hygiene can make your problem even worse. So if you've tried a range of home remedies and didn't get any suitable result it's a clear sign that you should move on further to more serious solutions.

Topical solutions

This kind of accutane is definitely the most widely advertised with lots of new products being delivered to the multibillion market it's estimated as. Most of the gels, cremes and lotions that have attractive packages and positive slogans tend to deliver a narrow set of effects that are supposed to eliminate acne. First of all they dry out the skin in order to remove the excess of oil, which is beneficial for acne breakouts. And they also usually have certain antibacterial properties in order to eliminate the infection that is causing inflammation in the pores. Such solutions can have a rather high effectiveness rate only for mild to moderate acne breakouts and often required to be used on a regular basis in order to sustain any results.


If you go to a doctor with the hope to treat acne breakouts he or she will usually prescribe you with a course of general antibiotics administered both externally and internally. Since the main reason for inflammation in acne is the bacterial infection using antibiotics can actually help. However when you end the course it's likely that new breakouts will take place after some time because of the bacterial development in the pores. This may require repetitive use of antibiotics that can actually help get even better results.

Heavy artillery

For some people all the measures mentioned above won't deliver any suitable results. That's when the heavy artillery comes into the scene in the form of Accutane. This drug has received a lot of controversy in the last couple of years due to its potential side effects. But there's no denying the fact that Accutane really helps getting rid of the most severe forms of acne. This drug should be used only under strict medical supervision and requires regular blood tests and exams to be performed. Yet if used right it can work wonders with acne.

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